AutoDesk Accelerator Program Underway!

AutoDesk Accelerator Program is underway!

This amazing development opportunity is currently underway; looking forward to seeing what the results, such as any digital prototypes, look like! Stay tuned for more news from AutoDesk, and check out the requirements in case you’d like to apply next year. If you’re an engineer, designer, or inventor, and you’d like to get the dedicated help from the incredible team of AutoDesk engineers on a  well-developed project idea that could make use of AutoDesk cloud technologies, this is the right place for you. Check it out! Maybe you’re wondering what the heck “cloud services” mean? Well, this basically refers to the AutoDesk software that is now delivered via AutoDesk servers (the “cloud”) rather than via a stand-alone license that you install on your machine. Some of the software includes:  View & Data, AutoCAD® I/O, Autodesk® Fusion 360™, Autodesk BIM360™, Autodesk Recap 360™ or Autodesk® Infraworks 360™.

AutoDesk Accelerator Program AutoDesk Accelerator Program