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New site is up! Welcome back!

Hi everyone, happy new year and welcome back to Whilst juggling children, development, family commitments over the Christmas holidays, and annoying technical problems, it took a full month to release our new site, but we’re up and running! Please let us know about any problems or bugs you find.  The Christmas hohoho coupon expires […]

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SolidWorks Tutorials – First Sketch

SolidWorks Tutorials – First Sketch Welcome back to our SolidWorks Tutorials for Beginners series. This is our seventh lesson, and in it we’ll take up our first sketch. To begin a sketch from the main SolidWorks screen, first you create a new part document. Click the New button at the top of the command manager: […]

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SolidWorks Tutorials for Beginners – The Interface, Part 4

SolidWorks Tutorials for Beginners – The SolidWorks Interface, part 4 Welcome back to our SolidWorks Tutorials for Beginners series. This is our fourth lesson about the SolidWorks interface. In our previous lesson we’d finished learning about Command Manager–that’s the ribbon of tools and tabs at the top of your SolidWorks screen, as well as how […]

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CATIA tutorials by Video-Tutorials.Net

Basic CATIA tutorials part 2

CATIA Tutorials Part 2 – Basic CATIA training by Please visit our CATIA tutorials playlist at YouTube>> Basic CATIA Questions That People Ask Us – part 2 (CATIA tutorials) What is a feature? A feature is the essential building block of a solid model in any 3D CAD software. You start with 2D geometry, like […]

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New website launch coming for Christmas!

Hi everyone, thanks so much for your patience as we renovated our website. You can still buy our materials on eBay, Amazon, and directly from our online library at Our new site will launch just before Christmas! Stay tuned for specials, like the hohoho 30% discount coupon. This coupon applies to all our SolidWorks […]

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CATIA training by Video-Tutorials.Net

CATIA Tutorials Basic Training Part 1

CATIA tutorials beginner / basic CATIA training – All About CATIA part 1 by www.Video-Tutorials.Net CATIA Training, The Basics! Background and History CATIA stands for Computer Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application. It is also how you say “Kathy” in Russian or Italian, but you pronounce the software name “kah-TEE-ah”. This is the software that’s used by the […]

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New SolidWorks 2014 updates released!

Want to know what’s new in SolidWorks 2014?  The new SolidWorks 2014 Video Tutorial Update is now available. SolidWorks 2014 offers numerous improvements to tools in the sketching, modeling, assembly, sheet metal, eDrawing, and surface modeling environments, but there are no major cosmetic changes, so our existing courseware is of course applicable to SolidWorks […]

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What’s new in SolidWorks 2014

What’s New in SolidWorks 2014?  Hey there, I’ve been getting some questions about what’s new in SolidWorks 2014. And, of course, yes, our 2013 SolidWorks tutorial courseware still applies! We’ll be issuing a video course about some of the design module updates in SolidWorks. The new release of SolidWorks includes some tool tweaks, but no major functional […]

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SolidWorks Tool Box Playlist & Course – SolidWorks Tutorials

New SolidWorks ToolBox Video Tutorial just released 88 minutes, 28 videos. $25; available online and via downloaded (both included in the price). What is SolidWorks ToolBox? It’s a great little library utility used by SolidWorks. Your default installation of SolidWorks won’t have it enabled however; you’ll need to go through the “add-in” process to make […]

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Music Recording Tutorials for the Do-It-Yourself Musician

A whole lot of Recording, Mixing & Mastering tutorials! by– September 13, 2013 Allo everybody! Hey, I’ve posted a whole lot of videos about recording, mixing and mastering on youtube. If you’re interested in do-it-yourself home studio work, there are now hours of free music recording tutorials up on youtube. It covers how to […]

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SolidWorks Tutorials Playlists – New posts at YouTube

New SolidWorks Tutorials Playlists and SolidWorks Tutorials Updates We’ve just published numerous updates to our SolidWorks tutorials video library. You can see many of these new tutorials on our youtube playlists, which are cited below. Be sure to enter “youtube” in our shopping cart at checkout to save 10% on any video tutorials. Reminder, you […]

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New SolidWorks Tutorials – Utilities

SolidWorks Tutorials – New Utilities course. We’ve just published a new course on SolidWorks, about Utilities. You may be wondering what the heck Utilities is… well, these are the SolidWorks tools (in the standard edition) that let you compare and analyze your entities and part / assembly documents. The tools and their interfaces are simple […]

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Inventor iLogic and Inventor Fusion – What’s the Difference? Inventor tutorials.

What’s the difference between Inventor iLogic and Inventor Fusion, and Inventor itself (Inventor Professional and Inventor LT) by– July 5, 2013 Just in reply to a couple questions I’ve had from customers about what is the difference between the various Inventor products… there’s Inventor Professional, Inventor Fusion, Inventor iLogic, Inventor LT and more. And […]

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SolidWorks beginner tutorials – What’s a top down assembly?

SolidWorks Beginner Tutorials – What is Top Down Assembly?  A common question we hear asked by beginner SolidWorks users is, “What’s a “top-down” assembly? This working strategy applies to any 3D CAD software modeller, such as CATIA, Inventor and others, not just SolidWorks, but I’ll post it here at our SolidWorks pages for quick reference, […]

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