Another lame SEO company 180fusion

Another lame SEO company 180fusion

Well, can’t help but post my latest in the saga of SEO companies I’ve hired to help promote my site, and I’m unhappy to report I’ve encountered another lame SEO company, named 180fusion – I had a meeting this morning with someone supposed to give me an audit of my site. Unfortunately I can’t remember the fellow’s name, or I’d post it here too. Basically, our site took a real dive in organic traffic after the Google Panda or Penguin or some other animal that starts with the letter P, in late 2012 and early 2013. Since this time, I haven’t been able to regain the organic rankings for many keywords, and I’ve hired several SEO companies to help. Some of these I’ve written about in this blog.

180 fusion - another dud SEO company - caveat emptor!

180 fusion – another dud SEO company – caveat emptor! is a small company, so I can’t afford to spend a lot on SEO companies, and actually they tend to charge a lot of money and deliver not much except crappy back links. Because of this, I have quite a bit of expertise in SEO strategy. I know about optimizing pages, creating content, the importance of good back links, the importance of social media, etc. I have tried working with Google Adwords, but honestly there are so many metrics that change so frequently I can’t seem to get a handle on it, and have never had any luck making Adwords work for me. Companies who provide expertise in Adwords charge a fortune, so this isn’t terrain for a small business, unfortunately.

Anyway, I explained this to my sales consultant, and he had no idea why my site had dropped in organic rankings, challenged me to posit why on the phone, suggested my site was just a dud, and pushed me right away into making a whopping $1400 commitment. When I mentioned that I am leery of SEO companies, because they tend to promise the world until you sign the contract, and then you get zero results, and this is my experience with about 7 companies to date, he stated that “I wanted the Mercedes but didn’t want to pay for it.” Basically the dude’s strategy was to bully and shame me into spending a lot of money without his having even tried to prove his technical knowledge to me. He stuck to the SEO sales pitch: you need new content and and you need good backlinks. I showed him this darn blog, which is chalk-full of new content, so I said I was covered in this regard. He blew off my blog but was unable to explain why. When I asked how to remove bad back links, he wouldn’t answer this question.

I think these SEO companies rely on the ignorance of their customer, because as soon as I asked specific technical questions, my 180fusion friend went right to his pricing page and worked hard to bully me into buying their services. Now, he may have realized that his sales pitch was futile and wanted to bring it to a quick end by insulting and bullying me; perhaps this was the strategy.

Anyway, this is a really terrible way to work with technical people, and also a terrible way to interact with women; he was a real jerk. Boo to another lame SEO company 180fusion.

Thanks! Here’s to keeping the internet an honest place to do business!

Kind regards,

Rosanna D,