How to place angular dimensions – What’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2015?

Working with Angular Dimensions SOLIDWORKS 2015

How you place angular dimensions in SOLIDWORKS 2015 has some changes that I wanted to share with you in this short SOLIDWORKS video tutorial posted for free on youtube; check it out!



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For those who hate watching a video and what the beans in the shell super quickly: in this video, I teach you about some extra options when working with angular I’ll teach you about some extra options when working with angular dimensions in a sketch. Now I’m able to dimension the full angle when I press down the shift key. If I release the shift key and move the mouse again, I can dimension the half angle. Once again, press the shift key and move the mouse.  Now SOLIDWORKS also remembers the last type of dimension I applied—it was angular, in my case, and let’s say I used a centerline. When I activate the tool again, SOLIDWORKS assumes I want an angular dimension as well. To exit this “memory”, you just press ESCAPE and now we can apply, for example, a linear dimension. That’s all, folks!