About Video-Tutorials.Net

Video-Tutorials.Net (VTN Services, Inc.) was founded in 2004 in Newport Beach, California and is now based in Calgary, Canada. We are a small business that provides high quality video tutorial training in Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Our catalog includes SolidWorks tutorials, CATIA tutorials, AutoDesk Inventor tutorials, and AutoDesk AutoCAD tutorials; programming software like Visual Basic/Visual Studio tutorials , and digital audio workstation software like Cubase Tutorials and ProTools Tutorials.

We supply video tutorial training to individuals & students; high schools, colleges and universities; civic and post-secondary libraries; companies large and small, governments, and non-governmental organizations around the world.We are a Certified SolidWorks Solution Provider, a member of the AutoDesk Developer Network and an Authorzed AutoDesk Publisher. We also have presented at the annual AutoDesk Virtual University.

We pride ourselves on high quality video tutorial training, super-competitive pricing, flexibility in designing training packages for institutions, and excellent, responsive customer service. Please write or call with any questions or feedback you may have.

Why Choose Video-Tutorials.Net training courses for SolidWorks, CATIA, Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD, Visual Basic and more?

Quality: Video-Tutorials.Net is known for our in-depth, fast paced training. You can pause and rewind any time you need to, but there is no wasted time blathering just to augment the tutorial length. Our experienced engineers cover tips & troubleshooting. Our video library is very big, and takes you from the beginner level to an advanced level in a comprehensive, logical sequence. The videos are full size and clear, and labeled so you can easily find what you want. The courses include real-life projects and models. The narration (English) is clear and concise. The onscreen controls let you direct your own self-study pace, and you can pause, rewind, fast forward as needed. The part files let you practice on your own.

Start right away: You can see your course online, download it and even get it on a disc in the mail if you like.

Price: Many of our customers tell us the pacing and content of our courses is much better than our larger and more expensive competitors. We give a 15% student discount and excellent volume purchase discounts (30-70%). Low-cost or free shipping. Download & disc are yours permanently; no renewal fees.

Flexibility & Scalability:  We customize our video tutorial library for companies, schools, and libraries.

Reputation: In business since 2004, we provide our courses to individuals, students, companies, high schools, technical colleges, universities, civic and post-secondary libraries, as well as government agencies and NGOs in many countries around the world. Thanks for your awesome feedback over the years!

Excellent & Personalized Service: All discs ship the next business day, worldwide. We are happy to talk to you over the telephone or correspond promptly by email, and will work hard to get your problem solved.