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Inventor 2014 Essentials course released & Video Tutorial playlist.

Inventor 2014 video tutorials – Essentials released. Hi there! The Inventor 2014 Video Tutorials updates are now out! Just a quick post to let you know I’ve released the Inventor 2014 Essentials course; here is the link: And here is a link to the youtube playlist: Enjoy & thanks! Rosanna D, VTN

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A quick caveat for those who a few extra dollars & cents with videos on – stay away from Viso.TV, a YouTube multichannel network. VISO.TV STINKS!  Do not contract with this YouTube Multi-Channel-Network:; they promise a lot of extra income, and they actually don’t do anything to promote your videos, only take 40% […]

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Solidworks 2014 video tutorials

Parting surfaces, straddle surfaces – SOLIDWORKS 2014 Mold Design tutorials

SOLIDWORKS 2014 Video Tutorials – Mold Design Hi everyone; Here are a couple videos from our new Mold Design video course (SOLIDWORKS 2014 Tutorials) – – working with parting surfaces  – working with straddle faces The new course is located at this link: Solidworks 2014 video tutorials What is a straddle face? […]

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AutoCAD 2014 Playlist – just released!

Hi everyone! I’ve just posted a new playlist from our AutoCAD 2014 video library. In this playlist, I teach you how to use the AutoCAD 2014 interface. This is a playlist suitable for beginners to AutoCAD. Here is a link to the course: Thanks! Rosanna D , VTN –

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