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Canadian women’s hockey team, yay! Congratulations on your gold medal win today; what a nail-biter that game was! Does this post have anything to do with CAD software? Nope. But we’re huge Olympics fans and we can’t help but gush! :) rosanna

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Happy Family Day Holiday!

Today is “Family Day” in Alberta. Not sure how this started, but who cares? We get a day off! We’ll be out of the office watching the Olympics at the local pub, and skiing in Fish Creek Park. BUT you can reach us by email and I’ll get back to you right away! Thanks, Rosanna […]

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AutoCAD tutorials by Video-Tutorials.Net

How to create an array – part 1 – AutoCAD tutorials for beginners

The Basics on Arrays in AutoCAD – AutoCAD tutorials for Beginners In this series of AutoCAD tutorials, well learn about arrays. An array is essentially a collection of objects. In 3D CAD software, we call this patterns, and you can create linear or circular pattern tools. In this tutorial, we’ll learn about polar arrays. Let’s […]

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