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Inventor iLogic and Inventor Fusion – What’s the Difference? Inventor tutorials.

What’s the difference between Inventor iLogic and Inventor Fusion, and Inventor itself (Inventor Professional and Inventor LT) by– July 5, 2013 Just in reply to a couple questions I’ve had from customers about what is the difference between the various Inventor products… there’s Inventor Professional, Inventor Fusion, Inventor iLogic, Inventor LT and more. And […]

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SolidWorks beginner tutorials – What’s a top down assembly?

SolidWorks Beginner Tutorials – What is Top Down Assembly?  A common question we hear asked by beginner SolidWorks users is, “What’s a “top-down” assembly? This working strategy applies to any 3D CAD software modeller, such as CATIA, Inventor and others, not just SolidWorks, but I’ll post it here at our SolidWorks pages for quick reference, […]

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